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FRIENDS ONLY [Sunday, April 19, 2020 // 12:00am]
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ウロボロス [Friday, November 13, 2009 // 2:14am]
[ mood | excited ]

genre: Hardrock/Metal
inspiration: -

No special message this time. Just a 'Thank You'
for the support I got in the last few month
to those of you who helped me with my lyrics
and also with the cover art. It's a great pic, I think.
And also thanks for reading.

Sadness, grown by dread and anxiety.
Squired by aspiration, I bite myself
and start the endless dance.
In this universe which I accrue from
life is extinguished constantly
and replaced by a new, better one.

Eyes are the mirrors of the world
but when I close them, I neither see
good, nor badness. Everything smashes
on the cliffs in my sanity.
It rustles, frothes up and unexpected passes.

Freedom is like a dream of war
in which justice is defined and wins.
What's justice anyway and who feels entitled
to rule about when the good turns bad?
I'm shattering on my own cliffs,
screaming, foaming, only to vellicate a bit.

Is it an never-ending circulation when I dream of life
as if it's an utopia and I try to grab for the line
so that the curtain will fall
and the light pours out over the world
which none of you wanted but everyone beholds?

Everything is just a fruit that ripens
whose seed settles down and sprouts
in order that a tree accrue from it
and than sprawls,
so that its fruit may ripens before the end of time.

I'm feeling like the dragon
biting its tail on its own.
Which faces its end and figures
that it's over soon
and resolves calling it a last victory
to succumb to itself for living on.

Like the never-ending circulation of this world
which the universe holds ready for everyone.
Like the ceaseless circulation on earth
which clings together the whole universe.

// B-SIDE - のぼせ上がたい \\

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Keep the calendar... [Wednesday, October 15, 2008 // 11:36pm]
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Hello dear folks!

It's me sour cream san again!

Yeay... it's long time since my last entry I know.
A lot of stuff happened and I don't wanna really talk about it now because you all can read soon enough what I mean!

I first wanted to remember the volunteers of the list they should make for me, with the 15-18 most favorable lyrics they want to be in the next big collection!
There're almost 70 lyrics I've written those days and I need to choose the best ones!

I just wanted to say that I would be happy if I could get back the lists you made for me and then I want to choose the 15-18 most wanted lyrics~
You all got me on msn so please write and send me the word-document with your list in the next few weeks if you can please...

Other thing I wanted to mention is a suprise for this weekend!
YUSS! A little suprise for my dear readers.
It's some sort of small "thank you" for all the help I got and stuff you know~

I won't give you anymore hints, 'coz I already did hehe!

So that's all for now!
We'll talk later on again.

smell ya!

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Reminder... [Sunday, September 07, 2008 // 5:56am]
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  # # # 2008年09月12 # # # lyric # # # 「汚された道路標識」 # # #

(!livejournal and myspace exclusive!)

(!animexx exclusive!)

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NEW RELEASE (earlier!!!) [Friday, May 30, 2008 // 5:45pm]
[ mood | strange ]


# # # 2008年06月01日 # # # lyric # # #

# # # 「蒲公英  ~たんぽぽ~」 # # #

you already know the cover versions


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